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Tropical bongos

Bongoceros, at last, bongos wich meet all your expectations!

Moperc bongos are hand-crafted for professional bongoceros who are looking for an instrument that stands out from the rest. Their specially curved shells give amazing sound projection and fine high tones.

Thanks to Moperc bongos, bongoceros can now play at super volume without additional effort. Our bongo's special shape (cylindrical and non conical) endow them with a truly remarable projection.

A must for percussion purists. Maple contruction and a cylindrical (versus conical) design endow these bongos with a truly remarkable projection. Another Moperc's innovation is to imbed the junction block in the shell, resulting in an extremely solid, efficient assembly and eliminating any possibility of splitting at the bolt-holes.

7” and 8 1/2”

Available soon
Sunrise color Natural Ash color

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