Djembé 12

Do you want to distinguish yourself among other musicians by your unique sound and style ? The Djembe is of very high quality, created and produced for demanding professional djembefolas.
Exceptional sound! * Rich and warm tone / Deep and sustained bass / Bright & powerful slap.

The most popular of our djembes, this versatile Djembe 12 can be found on the big stage and in the recording studio, as well as many a drum circle and Mandinka percussion classes.
Light and elegant, it remains faithful to its folklore origins. With its highly resistant goatskin and solid stainless steel hardware, Moperc's djembe can be tuned quickly and precisely. Possessing a range of tonal qualities from powerful bass to crisp slaps, our Djembe 12 ash guaranties superior volume to other djembes of this size.

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Redwood color Mahogany color Natural ash color Sunrise color Funkyred color Green forest color COOL DJEMBE
rasta color

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