Son of a blacksmith, amorous of working with wood and passionate for African and afro-Cuban music, I had confidence that life would know to align me to my passion without I having to choose it.
It has been already 25 years since I was first struck with a love for this craft. From the moment when I created my very first djembe from the trunk of a tree back in the early ‘80s, I developed an immediate and symbiotic connection to this instrument, such that my life has constantly been immersed in the vibrant rhythms of the drum.
My work is so much more than the profession, it is a passion, and perhaps one could even say - a calling.
Naturally, I have surrounded myself with a team of lovingly talented artisans. Through much hard work and perseverance, we have succeeded in the creation of instruments that surpass even the highest expectations of the most demanding musicians.

It is through a love of music and a deep respect for the African and African-Cuban culture that I present here, dear musicians, our range of MOPERC drums.

Michel Ouellet

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