Pour laisser un commentaire, svp écrivez-moi à info@moperc.com
THOMAS JONES / thomastrjon@aol.com
Baltimore, Maryland USA00/00/0000
I received my set of Rumbero Ash Congas this past weekend! They were packaged securely, professionally, and arrived without blemish. I opened the containers and began playing them immediately! First off, the drums are stunning, a pure work of art! I love the mass, weight, and craftsmanship that went into these fine instruments. When I started playing them, the tonal quality over the natural hides from all over the heads is amazing. I'm accustomed to playing on synthetic skins, but quickly began to enjoy the richness, depth, and low-end projection, realizing this past weekend that I actually missed those tones. These drums are built to inspire and express through improvisation! Lastly Michel, thank you for the interaction throughout the process. I was very comfortable with the transaction, the way you kept me abreast of what was going on end to end. I owe you a debt of gratitude for my new drums, and will cherish playing them for years and years to come. For now, bonjour my friend, I am now proud to be a member of the Moperc family, and will be in touch in the very near future, as I continue to upgrade my current rig.

Jeffrey Iglesias
Custom Salsa Club
TX USA00/00/0000
Just got my Moperc drums in. Monster drums with fat sound. Solid wood drums. Thanks Michel..excellent craftsmanship. Superb packaging from Canada!!..Hey Michel, think I want the Quinto too!! Had to put my tuxedo on..lol

Jim Clark
Salisbury, Md U.S.A00/00/0000
Hello Michel, I wanted to email you and let you know that I had received my shipment and everything was included. I have to say, what a remarkable piece of artistry and craftsmanship an effort that was put into making this wonderful Bongo. It is everything that I had expected and more. It is like Christmas time here in November, and I will always be reminded at there is still someone out there that takes pride in the work they do, and your help from the start of placing my order to the time my order was ready to ship. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH, for EVERYTHING Michel and take care,
Sincerely Yours
Jim Clark
Salisbury, Md U.S.A

ROMAIN KUONEN romain.kuonen@bluewin.ch
Salut Michel,
Je voulais juste te féliciter pour ton travail de maître.
Merci infiniment pour ces instruments exceptionnelles......
Maintenant, il reste plus qu'à faire de la bonne musique.

WALTER O'NEILL / woneill1@davenport.edu

I just received the congas...I didn't expect them so soon - thanks! The
congas are AWESOME!! Truly works of art. The vintage patina with the matte
finish reveal that these are drums to be played and believe me - they will
be played! The sound is incredible...so melodic and they project better
than almost any other drum I have played. Every detail was very thoughtful
(even the packing of the drums was thorough and meticulous) and it truly
was a pleasure working with you. You're a good man Michel! Thanks for

Walter JH O'Neill, Ed.D

LALO BELLO/ lalobellomusic@gmail.com
Hello my friend!
I got the drums yesterday, opened the boxes today and WOW!!! They are stunning!!
Beautiful looking and they sound amazing!! Thank you so much!
Please let me know if I can still get the requinto, I'd love to have a full rumba set.
I truly am a fan of your work and artistry, your congas are my absolute favorite
I wish I could have got a set of Bata and timbales too :)

The drums already sing and that's straight out of the box!
So easy to tune and play, I can only imagine how beautiful they will sound when the
skins break in a bit. Just beautiful!!

JANI LEHTIOKSA claudelehtioksa@gmail.com
Hello my friend!
I am very satisfied in your superb service and I really appreciate how you kept me well informed all along and how you clearly are very concerned about the happiness of your customer. - I've fallen in love with the drums themselves. In fact, i didn't picture that a conga could actually sound this good. The open note is amazing. It's so full, juicy and fat and still crystal clear without any staleness, it's resonance in itself is a real pleasure to hear. The bass really has bass, the slaps got that crispy edge we all want and what amazes me is that even these notes are very melodic in their own way, i really like that! And the presionados are clear and dynamic and don't get messed in the projection even when tilted, that's what i love! Playing them is really joyous, in fact i feel that i can play them much easier than any other drums i've ever tried! The tuning has a solid feel. They look so beautiful too, i love the colour and the patterns of the flowing grain are works of art on their own. I'll call you Michelangelo from now on!

So thank you once more for your great service and these wonderful tumbadoras, i am very pleased with them!

RAPHAËL MONTI raphael.monti@bluewin.ch
Bonjour Michel,
Voila ils sont là et bien là, de magnifiques congas robustes avec une qualité sonore incroyable !
Encore merci pour ton superbe travail, continue de perpétuer le goût du travail bien fait.
Je ne manquerai pas de mettre au premier plan MOPERC pour le gage de qualité, et ta sympathie que nous avons pu partager.

A la prochaine commande

Salutation Raphael

JOSÉ BERMUDEZ jbermuz1@hotmail.com
Hola Michel !
Las congas llegaron en excelentes condiciones. Definitivamente la calidad era la esperada, el color es increíble. El sonido y la sensación del cuero son únicos. Realmente valió la pena la espera!!!! Recomendado!!!!

Hi ! The drums look great and I cant believe your prices have not changed in 20 years! I have a pair of your congas I bought back in the early 90s in Toronto and they are still the most amazing drums I have ever played . The warmest tones of any conga and I love the thick heads - they give a nice dry sound with lots of beef . Keep it up !

NEW MEXICO, USA00/00/0000
Michel:now you have made your first bomba drum,because your drums have a wide belly just cutting 5" from the big tumba at the bottom made a perfectly proportioned bomba drum. At 13 1/2 playing surface it makes a great "subidor"or "primo" the quinto of the bomba.So to repeat myself,the bomba drum you made is perfect.I am very happy.I will be sending you some Puertorican musicians.Cuba is Cuba, the Mother, but we boricuas have the bomba and plena and the jibaro music from the mountains that are all ours.Un abrazo hermano, Roberto

LIVERPOOL, UK00/00/0000
Hi Michel...Thank you so much for my drums ...I recieved them last Friday and have never left them alone since!..I am truly amazed with them, they are an example of true craftmanship . For sure i will be in touch in the next few weeks to order a Quinto.Thanks again to you and your team...your friend from Liverpool...Ian

RODNEY VARGAS vargasdojo@icloud.com
NEW JERSEY USA00/00/0000
Hi Michel,
Just wanted to let you know that I received my drums today. Thank you for taking such care in packing them. They arrived in perfect condition. They are a work of art, and you are a true artist. Not only are they things of beauty, but they sound equally beautiful. Thank you again for your prompt responses to all my email, and your quick processing of my order.
Rodney Vargas

BILL SCHROEDTER bschroedter@qualityvascular.com
FLORIDA USA00/00/0000
Dear Michel
I received my set of Custom Cubanos very quickly, well packaged and without damage. I wanted to write immediately to say how wonderful these instruments are but decided I would let my initial excitement fade in order to give you a more considered review. The construction is such high quality, the stainless hardware so beautiful and perfect, I commend your craftsmanship. These drums set THE standard for congas. They are not only fine instruments but a true work of art. After playing for a couple days, I had them tuned to my liking and have since realized the tone of these drums is so good and the tuning range so wide, I am quite certain I can make them sound anyway I wish. As I continue to play them I also note a significant improvement in the sound as the heads set and the wood ages. The sound is incredible, not just loud (which they are) but with wonderful tonal qualities and I am quite certain the tone will continue to improve. After years of playing and listening to other drums, I now find myself saying – “this is how a drum is supposed to sound.” These drums will be cherished for my lifetime. Upon seeing them, my son, a highly accomplished percussionist himself, immediately ask that I leave these to him so be assured they will continue to sing long after I am gone and I have little doubt they will be passed on for generations. To any prospective customers browsing your website, all I can say is - Buy the Mopercs - you will be very glad you did. Fantastic! Incredible! Extraordinary! Finally, I wish to thank you for your kind attention in all matters – dealing with you has been a true pleasure. Thank you very much my friend.

LALO BELLO lalobellomusic@gmail.com
Custom Salsa Club Bongos
SEATTLE, WA. USA00/00/0000
Hola Michel !
I just got back home from a small tour. The bongos are here!!!! They are absolutely beautiful my friend, thank you so much! I can't wait to play them for longer, I just got to try them for a few minutes and I love them!


KEVIN KRUGER krueger_aloha@yahoo.com
Tropical series & Custom Salsa Club series
Sainte- Helena, CA, USA00/00/0000
Thank you Michel,

I love the Tropical Series...nice color...well done!!!

The Custom Salsa Super Tumba fits in perfect with my Conga, Quinto and Tumba...
The Requinto is out of this world!!!
Super sounding and fast...
I am very happy!!!
Until my next purchase...
Thank you my friend,

ROBERTO VASQUEZ mandiro88@gmail.com
SHIPROCK, NE , USA00/00/0000
Amigo Michel: I played the congas already,they sound as good as they look,they are a work of art. The Rolls Royce of congas,I have a Timba set and Jay Bereck set, but they can not compare with yours, yours are in another category, you are a true artist I am glad I have them. I want also one set of bongos, I will order them when I come back from my trip. Que Obatala y todos los Orishas te protejan siempre y a tu familia.

PETER SPODZIEJA spodzip@shaw.ca
Hi Michel.
They are here and they are beautiful.
The sound is incredible, never ever imagined.

Thank you so much Michel for a fantastic job.
Well done my friend.
With best regards,

PHILIPPE COLLETTE p.collette@hetnet.nl
salut michel
les nouveaux bébés viennent d'arriver il y a deux ou trois heures , ils sont aussi beaux que leurs fréres
cela fait une belle famille , super boulot michel .
je les ai bien sur tout de suite essayés ,
le tumba a une belle peau et déja un son bien rond et chaud .
perso j'aurai mis une peau plus épaisse sur le requinto
à voir comment il va évoluer dans quelques temps ,
je te redonnerai des nouvelles .
bonne journée

MATTHEW WEST matthewwest01@me.com
LONDON, UK00/00/0000
Hola Michel

The drums have arrived as they look beautiful. I haven't had time to play them yet but a light tap reveals such a rich tone, I can't wait to get stuck in. Many thanks and if you want a comment for the website I'll write something when I've got a chance.
All the best

Hello Michel,
I haven't written since receiving my Custom Salsa Club Conga and Tumba.
I want to congratulate you and your team on another job well done!!!
They fit perfectly with my Quinto and the tuning range is amazing...

As with all the Mopercs I own I feel they are among some of the best in the world...

Moperc is always my first choice when in the drum market.
I will be adding to my arsenal soon and am looking forward to my next purchase.
Please let me know if you anticipate a price increase so I can get in under the wire...
Thank you to you and your team for producing such world class instruments...
Your friend,

CHICAGO, IL USA00/00/0000
Hi Michel,

The bongos arrive! It found its way up to me, and WOW!!! They look lovely, they sound lovely, and I can't wait to play them more.

PALMETTO, FL USA00/00/0000
Hola MichI ... I'm fine my friend ... I LOVE MY TAMBORES !!!


LEESBERG, VA, USA00/00/0000
Hello Michel, I have not had time to write about my Cubano Series congas. They are simply amazing. Every day that pass, they sound better. Thanks for a magnificent work of art in crafts. I just wanted to know if you can quote me a conga bag for my congas. I have the Tumba, Conga and quint. I want one for each. What would be the turn around time for you to mail them once you receive the money? Thanks, Luis

CRISTIAN SILVA churrodonuts@hotmail.com
I got them amigo they are amazing what a sound thank you so much my friend I love them ! Thanks so much !

JAIME CARRASCO bluecarrasco@gmail.com
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA00/00/0000
I got the conga on Monday, but only got around to unpacking it today! You are a master craftsman! What a beautiful looking & sounding instrument! I love my conga so much that I am definitely going to be ordering bongos from you in the near future!

ARMANDO CASTILLO armando111@verizon.net
Custom Cubano
SAN DIMAS, CA USA19/06/2014
Thank you again. I am very impressed with your workmanship of your congas and obviously they are awesome sounding drums. I have a dilemma and that is I should of bought the 11 inch also to have the set of three ! :o)

Juhana Mäkinen [juhana.makinen@gmail.com]
Custom cubano Blue
Tampare FINLAND18/07/2013
Alleluia, Michel! Les congas sont tres magnifiques! They had arrived allready on Monday, but I could pick them up not earlier than yesterday.

They look really stunning and the structure is very strong, colour is nice! The conga-heads are very excellent. So aswell, the congas are sounding truly melodically, deeply and clearly! Also, the bags are very good.

So, I am very happy! Do you have some advice for maintenance? And for example, how tightly can I tune the heads? I hope to order those two congas more later this year. Many thanks for your fine service and all the best for the future!

Au revoir!


J C [j.w.caban@gmail.com]
Custom cubano conga
"My wife's first word was "wow", and her first statement to me after that was "it makes your others drums (a well known drum corporation) look cheap"."

"The craftmanship is second to none, but that's not all; the drum soothes my baby, chases away bad spirits, and commands respect when you enter my home. Moperc Congas aren't just a drum, it's a friend, a mistress, a shaman, and with time...aged wine that I will drink again and again till my hands fall dead one day. Viva la Moperc!"

Rey Arteaga [sonynoson@gmail.com]
Custom Cubanos
Houston TX00/00/0000
Hello, Michel -

My Mopercs arrived on Friday, August 24, in the late afternoon.
The drums are beautiful and all three feel very solid and have very nice tones and harmonic qualities.
The quinto has very nice playabilty and slaps render a cracking attack.
I like the bearing edge on these Mopercs, (it feels a touch sharper than regular LP brand stuff) for the way they maximize resonance of the heads.
Tuned at varying high and low pitches, the drums show off their flexibility in delivering interesting sounds, and allowed me to explore both neo-traditional/folkloric and contemporary voicings, and through it all, still consistently maintained a depth and richness in tonal characteristics.

I took the congas out for their first gig on Saturday night. With the sound engineer pretty much blasting the PA, the Mopercs projected well over the electrically amplified instruments, even as I did not have enough mics for the drums.
They looked great onstage and their distinctive look got them noticed!

Michel, thank you and thanks to your team for taking such fine materials and creating such fine musical instruments.
I look forward to having these congas for many years of service, and purchasing more Moperc instruments in the near future.
Wishing you and yours a lovely fall season.

All the best,
Rey Arteaga
Son y No Son
Austin, TX

Jorge Cuevas [jorge@htva.net]
Salsa Club Conga 11 3/4

You may certainly use my comments.

When I got home from work I played for 3 hours straight. Your drum plays so much easier and has a fuller, rounder sound than my Gon Bops & LP's. The skin is so much softer on my hands. I keep looking at my drum with amazement as to how beautiful it looks, and how great it sounds!
Gracias amigo,

Jorge Cuevas [jorge@htva.net]
Salsa Club Conga 11 3/4
New York00/00/0000
Hola Michel,

I received an email from UPS saying that it was delivered. So I rushed home, opened the box, and it's as good and even better than I expected!!! I only had a few minutes to look, touch, & play it, but I'm very, very happy. The color looks good, the skin is amazingly soft, the hardware is solid, and the wood has a beautiful warm tone. I can't wait to get out of work to really play it!

I will definitely show all of the local congeros my drum with pride. It may take a while, but when I save up more $, I know where to get my next drum.
Gracias amigo,

kevin Kruger
Custom Salsa Club
Rutherford CA, USA.26/04/2012
I received the quinto yesterday...
WoW!!! Another piece of art...
The sound is incredible, beyond perfect...
I am very happy my friend!!!
Thank you...
Your friend,

Fiona Morris : mailto:fibluesurf@y7mail.com]
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA02/04/2011
Hi Michel,
I received the tumba yesterday (Friday australian time) which was really fast.
Thanks very much again, I'm very happy with all of them.
The CD sounds really good too. Nice percussion playing!

Oliver Baker danielbougarabou@googlemail.com
London, UK20/05/2011
Hi Michel,
The strength of the drums continues to impress me, I've been playing with the tuning for the last 3 hours! It's nice to play 11.75 12.5 and 13.5 using the Conga as a Quinto, they sing!
There is a music shop in Stafford, I will leave the Moperc leaflets for people to pick up,
thanks again, great congas

Brian Macdonald [docbmacd@yahoo.com]
Charlotte NC USA01/11/2011
I've had time to play the drum and get to know it better. It is truly beautiful. Of course the construction of the shell and hardware is consistent with Moperc quality like my other two. This particular super-tumba has very matched striped staves that make it visually gorgeous. You also perfectly applied the skin, which is very uniform in thickness, it's pulled to a perfect playing depth, it's just very well done.

The sound of this drum is amazing. I wanted a tumba with a voice lower than any of my friend's congas, and I truly have that tumba now. It is beautifully tonal and soft and yet commanding all at once. This is not a momma-tumba as they are called, this is a daddy-super-tumba. It can purr and it can growl. It sounds like the biggest beast in the jungle. I don't expect much from slaps on such a big drum but the slaps are sharp. I suspect thick skins are best with such big drums if you want the slaps to be sharp at all. This drum can play at very low and quite high tension as well. I am surprised at its wonderful tone at higher tension. It can be played much higher than I thought would be feasible. Wow ... just wow ... everything about this drum is wow!
Now my conga and quinto seem so tiny.

One day I'm going to want a matching tumba to complete my Salsa Club Series set. I'll get in touch when I'm ready.
Keep doing what you do. These drums make my life better.

Thank you.

Kevin Krueger [krueger_aloha@yahoo.com]
Saint Helena CA USA09/09/2011
Hello Michel,
I hope all is good with you my friend.
The drums just arrived about 10 minutes ago.
Wow, what master pieces, very solid and beautiful.
Michel, you sure know how to make quality drums, they are everything and more than what I expected.
I haven't had but a couple of minutes to play them but I know what I'm doing tonight.
Thank you my friend.
I will be in touch,
Hello Michel,
I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the drums you sold me.
These drums are unbelievable!
The tuning range and tone is fantastic.
I want to order a quinto in 2012 to match my cubano set.
But until then, please let me know if you have any used cubano or salsa models available.
Again, thanks to you and your staff for making such quality drums.
I hope to talk to you soon my friend.
Thank you,

David Miller [hotpiano@gmail.com]
Eagle River AK USA13/12/2011
Bonjour, Michel,

I have received the drums in good condition with no damage from shipping.

This is the most difficult email I have ever written, because I had to stop playing the drums long enough to write this email!! :-)

I am just blown away by your drums! First of all, the construction is amazing. The glue lines are so clean -- the cleanest I have ever seen! The inside of the wood is left unfinished so the sound will not be diminished. I think a lot of drum makers finish the inside to cover up their imperfect work! What are the staple-like nails around the bottom edge of the drums? Do they go deep into the wood?

The skins are gorgeous and the hoops are mounted at the perfect height for me.

There was a little light, thin oil on one of the skins. Can you tell me what kind of oil it is in case the skins get dry in the future? What do you use to get the nice dark color on the skins? Do you recommend shea butter? Is there a particular brand that is good?

The drums sound so fantastic that I did not even want to take the time to tune them. I simply could not stop playing them. I will tune them tomorrow. They are definitely the best sounding drums I have ever put my hands on!
Also, I LOVE the bongos! Yes, they are heavy, but it is worth it for the magnificent sound!
You can be VERY proud of the work you do -- the very best anywhere!!

Best wishes, Mi Amigo!


Anthony Michelli [anthony.michelli@gmail.com]
Toronto ON Canada04/04/2012
Bonjour Michel!

They are fantastic and I really love them so thank you for making such a great product Michel.
Everyone that sees and plays them loves them too. I have been giving your brochures to the students at school so hopefully something will come of it.

I will start up teaching another Cuban music class at the university in May.
Take care

Mario Allende [mayitoallende@gmail.com]
Toronto ON Canada01/04/2012
Hi Michel,

The congas are beautiful and they sound amazing. I have only had one chance to play them, but they are impressive. Congratulations to you and to me!
Thank you!

Mena Ramos [menaramos@gmail.com]
San Francisco CA USA09/04/2012
Dear Michel,

The drums have arrived and I am THRILLED with them! Beautiful and sound wonderful... and I know, with time, they will only sound better. Thank you for mounting the heads with enough space and for greasing the lugs!
Thanks Michel! The Yemaya blue congas have finally arrived to their home.

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