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Greatness doesn’t just happen. Greatness takes work and it takes an obsessed commitment to excellence. Even then, there are no guarantees. Michel Ouellet knew this when he began making African and Afro-Cuban drums in St Adrien, Canada in 1990 as an extension of his passions for woodworking and the rhythms of the music he loved. That was the year MOPERC was born and the company has been hand crafting some of the most sought-after percussion instruments since.

In 2004, by the time Michel’s countryman, Francis Mercier, began travelling to Cuba and to the USA in pursuit of his passion for Afro-Cuban drumming, MOPERC’s reputation for producing drums of the highest quality had grown well beyond its Canadian borders, and when Francis determined that it was time to upgrade his congas to match his ability in 2006, he was surprised to learn that some of the world’s best were being made just two hours from his Montreal home!

Over the following years the relationship between the two percussion aficionados evolved from friendship to apprenticeship as Michel, the master, shared the secrets of his processes. If every teacher desires success for their students, then Michel and Francis excelled in their rolls.

Francis took over MOPERC in 2018. He moved the operation to a larger shop in Danville in 2019 and he is quick to acknowledge that it is the skill of his employees and their drive for perfection that maintains the company’s reputation for making some of the best sounding and best-looking Latin percussion drums available.