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Bingba drum - American black walnut - Ready to ship

Bingba drum - American black walnut - Ready to ship

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See this picture? It kind of looks like an ashiko or a boku. You’re probably thinking: “Cute little drum, but…really?” Well, before passing it over, here are a couple things to think about: First, no drum leaves the MOPERC shop without it sounding uncompromisingly pure and Bingba is no exception. Surprisingly deep and sustained bass notes combine with pronounced slaps and opens to establish its rhythmic dominance.  Second, it’s a perfect companion for festivals, jams, parties and drum circles when hauling a heavy conga drum just isn’t practical. Last, the materials and craftsmanship that go into making this fine instrument are the same that have given beauty and durability to MOPERC drums since 1990.  It may be “cute and little,” but when it speaks, they listen.

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Wood: American black walnut

Diameter:  11 inches

Height:  24”

Skin:  Cow

Hardware:  Stainless Steel

Tuning:  6 lugs ½ inch


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