Handcrafted in canada

Congas — Tropical Series

There is no need to sacrifice the pure MOPERC sound because of your budget! The Tropical Series conga drums are made to the same exacting specifications as the Custom Cubanos, but without all the trimmings. Don’t need the decorative bands or custom side plates? No worries because neither the sound nor the quality of the Tropical Series congas are compromised one bit, and after all, that’s most important, isn’t it?

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If you’d neither seen nor heard a MOPERC Conga, you’d be forgiven for believing other conga manufacturers’ claim to be the best – if you’d neither seen nor heard a MOPERC, that is. But when you step up to experience the visual and sonic elegance of each handmade MOPERC drum you’ll realize the standard for “best” has been raised beyond the reach of most manufacturers, but not yours.

Since 1990, MOPERC conga drums have been 100% handmade in our shop. Kiln-dried wood is painstakingly selected for uniformity, then quarter sawn and cut into staves. NO STEAMING. NO BENDING. NO LAMINATING. The 3/8 stainless steel lugs and side plates, forged in our metal shop, are made to resist high pressure and corrosion for many years. And ultra-high-quality skins are hand-selected and tucked to provide the pure sound and feel serious congueros demand. Decorative bands are adjustable to compensate for slight weather-related changes, and a vinyl base is added to protect floors.

  • Natural (no stain)
  • Hand Painted Andres Series
  • Natural Vintage
  • California Oil finish
  • Deep Blue
  • Redwood
  • Blue Yemaya
  • Green
  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Sunrise
  • Mahogany Stain

We like variety. In fact, we like it so much that the concept is a part of the MOPERC slogan. Fortunately, Mother Nature likes variety too and she provides us with an array of wood of varying colors and densities giving you the opportunity to truly customize your instrument’s resonance and appearance. Occasionally, some wood varieties are not always available on the market, so it’s a good idea to chat with us about comparable substitutes


  • White Ash
  • Cherry Wood
  • Brazilian Mahogany
  • American Black Walnut


  • glossy varnish
  • Italian Oil finish (matte)

Our standard sizes include (in inches): 9, 10, 11, 11.75, 12.5, and 13. Or you can have it YOUR way! Every drum is 100% handmade so your imagination is your only limitation.