Eric Perez testimonial

Eric Perez testimonial

As the 3 year mark just passed since I first opened the boxes of my Moperc Ash Custom Cubanos in Matte Black with 4 Bands, there are some things I’d like to share about this experience.

When I first took these amazing drums out their boxes and began to play them, I was blown away. Besides the craftsmanship and beautiful design, the smell of real wood, it was that sound! That sound had me hooked! 

It was as if I never played on a conga drum before. I remember the first time playing on Moperc drums years prior to this, and it was that exact same feeling. It was humbling and exciting all at the same time. 

Humbling because I thought I knew what a conga drum is supposed to sound like… Well, I was wrong. 

And exciting because I was going to hear what a conga drum is supposed to sound like everyday going forward.

Three years have passed since I got to play My Moperc drums. It may be shocking to note, but these drums have only gotten better with age.

First let me elaborate on the construction. I have used these drums on a variety of gigs and conditions. From outdoor performances playing in 90 degree weather, to cold studios where you need a sweater to make it through the recording session. I have played them in traditional salsa performances and cranked them high for plenty of funk venues. These drums have been my main performing drums in these past 3 years and they show no signs of letting up. The lugs don't look worn out, the staves don’t look like they are getting weak or stressed out, the bands (although add no additional support in the construction of the drums) still look as good as new even with their ability to adjust due to the wood expanding in certain weather conditions. Every part of my drums look just as strong as the moment I got them, which normally I would have seen signs of repair in more mass produced drums playing in those same conditions. The construction alone allows me to have confidence that these drums will continue to allow me to play at a high level… Oh, I have also used these drums in plenty of YouTube videos, and rehearsals.

Now THAT sound. Normally in mass produced drums you would basically have the character of the drum right out of the box… It would “break in a little”, but not as much, so you should expect exactly the sound of what you get out the box. Not much character building there. Now with my Moperc drums… It’s as if my drums mature along with me in my playing. Each note sounds more crisp and clean. Each bass sounds more precise and more pronounced. Not that it wasn’t like that when I first took them out their boxes, but it's as if they got BETTER. How can a drum sound even better years after they were first made??? It’s hard to explain, but the only way I can compare it is to wine. Some wines should be drunk right away because you get what you should expect the moment it is bottled. And there would be no need to age the wine as it doesn’t get better with age. Although it may taste good right away, it might not have much character. That is not Moperc drums. There are some wines that are best to be drunk as they age. Tastes great right away, but you won’t get that full experience until maybe 20-30 years later. As each passing year the wine begins to build a unique characteristic in its flavors making it much more than a drinking experience. In this case, Mopercs are that type of wine, but something that we are able to taste daily which tastes even better by each passing day. The fun and exciting part is to know that these drums will sound even better 20-30 years down the line and I’m only in year 3.

Eric Perez, May 2024


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