Custom made congas

It’s simple: Wanna be different? Be yourself!  Want drums to match your uniqueness? Play MOPERC custom-made drums! Be different!

Custom made congas

Cubano series

Diners first consume a meal with their eyes, so master chefs work at plate presentation as much as flavor. Your audience is no different. The Custom Cubano Collection is THE iconic shape and style. Large bellies produce booming bass tones and yet the slaps easily impress. Four  bands and premium side plates and these drums are dressed to impress the moment eyes are laid upon them. But when they’re played?  Mmmmmm. Mmmm! Now that’s PURE!  

Poncho Sanchez signature series

Poncho Sanchez has done great things during his long career and his collaboration with MOPERC to develop the Poncho Sanchez Conga Series is certainly high on that list. Poncho wanted a clean, rich looking conga that was lighter than his blue Ash Custom Cubanos, so we went with 2 bands on Brazilian Mahogany and the result was nothing short of awesome! The tone is warm and the finish is like fine furniture. But the most surprising feature is the volume these drums produce. If you think your slap is good, wait’ll you hear what you can do on a Poncho!

Poncho Sanchez signature series review