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Why can’t I find MOPERC drums at my local music store?

To assure consistent quality, to reduce handling and to keep pricing as low as possible, every  MOPERC  drum is made to order and ships directly from the shop, guaranteeing our customers’ complete satisfaction and without the possibility of a drum being marred by in-store use. We also have a Moperc expert team in different areas of the world, contact us to see what drums they have in stock to show you in person.

Why do MOPERC drums cost more than other ”high-end” drums?

MOPERC drums are individually hand-crafted using only the best wood, stainless steel and skins available. Unlike other drum companies that automate every step of the manufacturing process, MOPERC completes each of the steps needed to build a set of drums by hand. With MOPERC, quality assurance is a step-by-step process and not anything that is reserved only for the finished product.

Do I have a choice of wood and skin varieties?

Yes. MOPERC sources wood and skins worldwide and can provide customers with many options. Occasionally, however, some varieties are not available or their quality does not meet MOPERC standards. The best way to find out is by visiting https://moperc.com/contact/#contact.

Are MOPERC drums guaranteed?


All MOPERC shells and hardware have a limited  guarantee of 15 years against material and workmanship defects. Skins are guaranteed for a period of 1 year. 

There are no guarantees covering product abuse.

Do I need to pay for my drums before they are built?

No. A deposit of 25% of the total is required when the order is placed with the balance due upon completion. Many choose to pay a little at a time while their drums are being constructed.

Are shipping costs provided with my quote?

Yes. MOPERC has a preferred business status with FEDEX which allows us to keep shipping costs as low as possible. All quotes indicate the price that FEDEX charges to deliver the entire order.

Can I visit the MOPERC shop?

Absolutely! We love company!