Quick! Name the handful of conga manufacturers that will build a drum to your personal specifications. Now, name the companies that will deliver that custom drum to your door within five weeks. MOPERC, that’s it. With a wide array of colors, finishes, wood types, hardware, sizes and skins, the limitless combinations are limited only by the imagination.

Want two yellow congas and two in purple for a NOLA project? You got them. Want them in American ash or in Canadian maple? No problem. What about alternating staves of black walnut and Brazilian mahogany with different skin thicknesses for each conga? Easy. Or, maybe fiberglass shells? Nope, can’t do that..

Nature dictates the variety of wood types available to MOPERC, but if it’s there, and you want it, it can be yours. Be guided by your dreams. The band and your hands will love it!

Customize your congas

Congas from 850$ to 2200$ US each

Moperc offers a wide price range on top quality congas and bongos

100% handcrafted by our artisans in Canada

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