• Kether Darshan, Maryland, USA

    "Moperc quality and attention to detail is superb.  Francis Mercier is excellent to deal with and turns out a fantastic product.  Top of the line in every way"

  • Dave Berger, Oakland California

    "Simply said, one cannot buy a better drum, anywhere. Solid, sturdy construction combined with clean powerful tones make Moperc my drums of choice. My last conga purchase was a Moperc and my next conga purchase will be a Moperc."

  • James Brudnick, California

    Thank you very much. The ash congas are so beautiful; well worth the wait. I hope this note finds you well. The craftsmanship is excellent. I will cherish them.

    Right now, I am playing percussion in a Latin Ensemble at a local Community College. I practice on the Mopercs with great joy; the tones are clear and sonorous.

    Please thank the artisans who made them and share my joy with them.

    Thank you again. Peace

  • Kevin Krueger, Napa, California

    "I have and will recommend Moperc to anyone looking for the best in hand percussion. I’ve chosen Moperc as my go to instrument in all categories. There are a lot of choices but when it comes to quality, craftsmanship and tone I pick Moperc! Step up to the best! Hands down!!!"